hayfield fisherys




well a murky start to the day, hopefully the weather will improve over the day. arrived at the place, a few people hanging around, the place looks promising, in for a good days fishing. Breakfast time, not too sure about this having the bad stomach, hopefully be able to enjoy the food. bloody hell get a good pile on the plate, tasty but have to admit it did not go down as well as id of liked

the lakes look very peaceful was going to go for a walk around the lake but decided to wait about for the draw. peg 61, got tomy peg started to set tackle up. just my luck big group of people fishing on other side of lake. what a set of wankers swearing and  carrying on. day might not be so peaceful after all. got tackle set up finally, today is our club match, birstal match academy. TIIME!!!… surely I should catch something, I got paste, sweet corn,  pellets etc, there fussy eaters them carp, A BITE!!! did not even chance to tug at the fish, was so quick sneaky buggers.

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